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The following is a list of steps showing what takes place at A.B.R. body shop. Each step is labeled, and detailed defintions are provided.

Estimate1. Preliminary Estimate

During our preliminary estimate step, your vehicle is overlooked, and a ball park estimate is provided, this is then sent to the insurance company to retrieve a claim number.

2. Tear Down

A.B.R. strips down the vehicle, and removes damaged body panels, a realistic estimate is provided if necessary, and sent to the insurance company.

3. Part & Body Panel Acqusition

A.B.R. locates body panels and parts to replace on your vehicle. Depending on price brackets,

4. Repair, Paint and Test

A.B.R. Repairs all mechanical failures with parts acquired in step 3. Then proceeds to repair all damaged body panels, and if need be, replaces body panels too damaged for repair. Body panels are painted and restored to their original, show-room floor look.

5. Finishing Installation

Small fixes are applied at this stage, replacing door handels, lamp covers, and any final touch-up paint work, finally we wash the outside of the vehicle.

6. Project complete

All necessary parts have been installed.